Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What a difference a few days makes!

Well, after my blog entry on Thursday (Feeling Attached....!), I applied for another job (I was only employed seasonally before, April-Sept), an hour after sending my application by email I had an interview and a trial arranged.  That trial was 2 days ago, and I got the job woohoo!  It's only 15h per week, but it works out great with school times, and it's a permanent contract, yay!
So....this means we can afford to make a few alterations to the house, and....*drum roll* year we can buy a caravan and give our alternate home a trial without needing to sell our house to do so.  If we decide it's what we want to do, we will build the trailers we had planned and then rent out the house whilst we live in the trailers.  Perfect!
So, the caravan 'window shopping' has begun :)

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