Monday, August 12, 2013

Mortgage Free?

Due to events beyond our control earlier this year, we have decided to try and ditch the mortgage, but I'm not sure if we might be seen as a little extreme/mad?!

Sooooo, our village has a rule that you can live in a field for 3m of the year, as long as what you're living in has wheels (caravan) and doesn't make a permanent change to the field, and as we have enough fields to rotate each year, this is a serious consideration. We could sell our house, pay of our mortgage and fees, pay off our loans (for buying our 13 acres) and still have enough money left over to sort out the next part of the plan....

Originally we were going to go for one of these, but heating is by electric or gas, and as we have our own supply of wood, we prefer a wood burner for free heating!
We had also thought about a gypsy caravan but it's quite small, esp for the price.
So, we're thinking about buying 2x HGV trailers and building two of these! They will slot together, one being the kitchen/dining/living room, the other being a shower room, a seperate WC and 3 bedrooms (yes, 3 beds is possible, as the trailers will be 3x14m lol).
We will also have enough left over to build a stable block - which as horse owners we are allowed to do in our fields (each field if we please!), with water and electricity connections. The stable block will be 2 stables and a tack room, the tack room will have a shower room and WC, and also will have plumbing for a washing machine, and electric to charge appliances Wink
Will will create an area in each field, where the trailers will blend in with the surrounding nature/landscape. We will also invest in wind and solar, and also rain water recycling. It will be a back to basics, self sufficient type of lifestyle, which I feel will benefit our children.

Is this absolute madness, and a stupid way to be mortage free? What would you think of people living like this? How would you feel if your children went to school with other children living like this?

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