Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Keep having doubts (verging on absolute panic) about our next *house* move, so every time I'm having a wobble, I'm going to look at this!  I think this will be the one thing that will make me (us) go through with it....?!
We had thought, originally, to split our time between the house on wheels and a boat, but with so many animals it's totally unrealistic, so will have to be a weekend/holiday treat instead.
We're off to see another house today, the photo below is the view from the side of the property (where there is a public footpath), it's STUNNING and we could just about be mortgage free (it needs renovating/new roof etc), but....it's got LOTS of neighbours, plus only a 1/4 acre garden, and I'd rather be in a private/secluded spot, away from the world, and our animals would all have to be kept in our other fields, I can cope with the horses further away, but I'd want the goats to be in the garden as they are now - for milking if nothing else....still lots to think about, before we make that final decision, but the house on wheels seems to be getting our biggest vote each time....

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