Thursday, August 22, 2013

Feeling attached....!

So, we're thinking of going off grid and living in a....*drumroll*!  Lol!
We're wanting to buy a couple of these (semi trailers) and convert/build them into something like this!
This past week though, since we viewed the other house (crumbling, ready to be rebuilt, not much view, coastal property!) I'm feeling VERY attached to our house, we had it built for us in 2009 and I designed/modified the layout.  It's 4 beds, integral garage, sat in a 1.5 acre field, so about 1/2 acre is garden, the rest is animal paddocks and driveway.
The thing is, if we stay here, there is a LOT I want to do, we NEED a new shed as ours is at the point of collapse!!!!  I want to convert the garage into a master bedroom /en-suite and build a conservatory/sun room extension.  Then we really need a large carport, to store wood and hay, and I'd like to create a stable extension to house all our animal food, tack and goats/chickens (our horses are out 24/7 - but a stable block could be a way to get around planning permission)....all this means I have to continue working, we didn't move back to France for that, we moved here so I could be a sahm, so I could create an organic veg/fruit patch (I am however, a TERRIBLE gardener lol), and so I could care for all our animals.
I'm feeling stuck, I'm desperate to get out of the system that screws you and takes your money (bank/insurance/mortgage), I want to be eco and live off grid, but I'm in love with our house....?!

ETA, look at this, amazing!!!!

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