Thursday, March 12, 2015

Happy Campers!

Well, long time no update!  REALLY must try harder....

Our friends have given us (how GENEROUS are they!!!!) a caravan, woohoo!
We are so excited so be able to go and camp in the van in our fields, lol!  Our girls LOVE the caravan and it has become an extension of the house.  It's 3 birth (so hubby will be on the single and I think I will have to sleep on the floor, in the niche under the double bed haha) and has a shower/loo.  It's small but has everything we need to camp....
We were given the caravan a couple of weeks ago, just at a time when I had had enough of this house!  The wind and rain we have had recently has been coming from the west, and the roof started leaking, water was coming in from round the velux window in our youngests room, travelling down the wall and into our downstairs bedroom....I had to sleep in another room as the damp smell was too much for my allergies!  We've only been here for 6 years (almost - next month), so we are still under guarantee, but it took TWO trips out from the building company to fix it, cause they didn't do a good enough job first time, grr!
So, there has been a LOT of talk about selling up and building our tiny home, and I can confirm it IS going to happen, we hope within the next two years (depending on selling our house).  I'm also back at work in a couple of weeks after having winter off, so another reason to get serious about it.  My hours have been upped, which is GREAT for the bank, but I'll be heading out as soon as hubby is home, and it really is NOT the life we planned when moving back to France!
Tiny House Nation has been playing on UK TV too, so feeling really inspired, it IS possible to live in small spaces, happily, comfortably, efficiently, ecologically!
We went to the prefecture last week to check our driving licenses, to make sure we are going to be legal and to ask about height/length/weight etc, so we know our restrictions, but we have to go to another office that's a 200km round trip, so it's planned for sometime very soon!
That's where we're at for the moment, I'm doing lots of sketching to see what we can fit into our tiny home....our girls MUST have a bedroom each, they're going to have mezz sleeping areas above too, which means the only room left for our master bedroom will be in our own mezz - so finding out the height restriction for towing is very important as hubby and I are tall, lol!

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