Monday, April 14, 2014

The plan!

So, a decision needed to be made, are we going to stay in our house, or are we selling up and living freely on our land....
We have decided to stay for now, however, we have our names down at a sailing port about 20 mins away, and have 2 years left to wait for a place - so it's a VERY good compromise. 
Just one thing, we'd better get saving up for a boat!
I found a renovation project (boat) last week, it was a 20m iron sailing boat, at a bargain price of 5k, no surprise it's been sold already!  However, I think our maximum size at the port is 15/16m, as we would have to moor at the pontoon rather than a buoy, as we have young children, so I must be sure not to get carried away when I'm looking, lol!

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