Thursday, November 28, 2013

Alternate living is back in the game!

Spoke to hubby this morning, and the fact we would be MORTGAGE FREE, be able to build a fancy trailer/convert a bus AND buy a boat is enough to spur us on....I spotted a beautiful boat online last week, and hubby keeps mentioning it (when we met, he was due to leave France and go sailing around the world, going from job to job, but obviously he didn't). 
Although it would be hard living in such a small space, when we already feel like sardines squeezed into our 4 bed detached house, with an integral garage, a garden chalet/garage, various (small) outbuildings/shelters for our animals, it would give us the way of life we desperately crave....
I can't begin to imagine what an impact it will have on our girls, being more with nature and less with a screen in front of them, showing more respect to our resources (cause we will be off grid so electric and water will limited), sailing wherever and whenever the mood takes us (as long as we have pet sitters lol). 
I know it feels like too big an adventure, what if we don't enjoy it, what if we regret it....but I can't see a reason for any regrets, or any reasons why we wouldn't enjoy it!

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