Monday, April 27, 2015

1st project of many!

So, here we have it, the first project of many!  My mother-in-law bought us a boat several years has never left the driveway as it needed far too much work for it to be safe/float ha ha!
So, hubby removed the boat (it was one of those inflatable ones, similar to what you might see James Bond speeding round the Thames on, but smaller!), and now we are left with a trailer that has a length of 3.2m (longer to the point of the tow socket thingymejig or what ever it is called - 3.2m is the square flat bit we can build on).
The idea was to turn it into a mobile chicken house, after-all, when we go tiny we're going to need to move the chickens and all the other animals with us....but it's very tempting to try fit some drop down bunks and a fold out bed - for us, not the chickens, somehow that's possible, right?!  Maybe we could turn it into the kids den/playroom, then turn the caravan (the one kindly given to us by some friends) into our first tiny home - but that is only 5m in length, so really would be tiny!

We're going to use materials from our collapsed hangar, there is plenty of wood there and some metal sheeting too!  Just need to be sure we don't go too heavy, or we're going to need a bigger trailer.

Any ideas are most welcome, even if they're a bit crazy!

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