Monday, March 24, 2014

Long time no post, still thinking!

So, it's been aaaages since I last blogged!  In the time between then and now, we have finally managed to come up with a plan to extend our house, making the most of the size we're allowed to add on (36m2)....therefore, a decision needs to be made - spend a few more years here and create more equity in our home, or break free and find ourselves an alternate, free living home?!
We've had some cracking storms this winter, with several days of hurricane force winds, we were VERY lucky to only have damage to trees and nothing structural.  It does worry me how we would manage when the winds return next winter if we're in a caravan/truck/bus!  Many local fields flooded too and are only now drying out - over a month later!  Ours were very wet, and one of our horses suffered with it.  So there are also plans of moving our field shelter to where our garden chalet is as there is a concrete base which is perfect for standing on when it's wet, and we could add on a goat and chicken house without going over the allowed size (20m2).
We need to write up a list of pros and cons, and we need to come up with a back up plan - what if we sell and alternate living doesn't work out, would we really be able to start again?
I was reading another alternate blog a few days ago, one of the reasons many people don't go for the free lifestyle of not being tied to a house, is fear, I don't want to be held back by my own fears and worries....

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